Joyce Landis is our Certified Colon Hydrotherapist she received her certification in 2007 and practiced in West Virginia until recently when she came to Blissful Life Center. She has had a passion to help people with their health for many years and decided Colonic Therapy would be her calling.  She now has 9 Years of experience in this field and is very knowledgeable in helping her Clients in many facets of Detoxification and Health. We are very Happy to have this service to offer our Community to help everyone to improve their Health.

This Colonic System is an open System which allows the Client to control the water flow.This table is FDA approved. The treatment is very private and comfortable. You are fully draped and the Therapist is present to answer Questions and assist you thru out the process.

There are many benefits of Colon Therapy some are listed above and the most important benefit is that your colon is your main waste disposal system and if it is not working properly you can become very sick and toxic. So come in and have a consultation with Joyce and see how she can help you.



COLONIC           $85.00

ADD ON’s to Colonic   Castor Oil pack and Hot Towels $45.00

IMPLANTS are available at $15.00


EAR CANDLING     $30.00  2 ears plus the cost of the candles